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Ocean-Shell and the Antarctica Expedition 

Conceptual Activation of the Ocean-Shell sustainability fabric and Arch Expedition parka. Includes, Antarctica Expedition and photo shoot, musical partnership and digital launch activation.     

Activation OCEAN SHELL -The Antarctica Expedition

Portfolio work from Tretorn, as head of marketing and creative director

Case: GoTo Market Strategy, Creative Concept, Launch tactics through PR and Digital Marketing. 

The OCEAN-SHELL® is a unique fabric created by Tretorn in-house R&D. It is a mono material fabric made from ocean waste and made to be recycled again.The first product was an expedition parka and we needed to  communicate functionality and the sustainability in a way that cut through the noise. We managed to get a freelance photographer on a UN-expedition to Antarctica seeking refugee for the south Georgia islands and the water surrounding them. We created great content, music artist partnerships and a digital launch based on e-com.   




The Antarctica Expedition

Through a partnership with the photographer Olle Nordell, we managed to get our products on a UN-expedition to Antarctica managed by the UN Guardian of The Oceans, Lewis Pugh seeking refugee for the south Georgia islands and the water surrounding them. 

Olle Wrote a travel journal - A Journey towards the unknown - and created visual content from the expedition.

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Music Partnership

We wanted to create a contemporary connection for the consumer. We wanted them to have an emotional relation that exceeded sustainability but in the same time spoke to them with the same values.


We involved the music group Movits! that has a strong standpoint in sustainability, a large cultural capital with their fans and a connection to Antarctica through being on record label Antarctic Records.


We created 50 limited edition jackets for Movits! to launch on various stages of their tour in Scandinavia. They where promoted on ticket order sites, Movits! fan site, Movits! social media and live on tour. We also hid 10 golden tickets in the jackets to create a buzz.

Digital Activation 

Throughout the campaign we gathered and created unique content from the expedition and the music partnership. We used the content to build authentic, trustworthy and appealing storytelling.


We created infographs regarding sustainability and recyclability. We highlighted the extreme travel journals from Antarctica and drove PR around the Eco message. We created movies with Movits! and PR-images from tour and behind the scenes to establish the contemporary lifestyle buzz around the brand, the product and the fabric.


Marketing Assets was created to work within the sales and converting funnel. KPI’s was set on amount of sold jackets and brand awarness.