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The Future of Dental Health 

Aqua Dental is a progressive leader of private dental care in Sweden. They have a strong belief of transforming the way we view upon dental care and dental health to do this they created the Dental Health Repot a report that highlights what will happen in the future. And the future is closer than you might think. Digital transformation is a key word in a variety of sectors, dental health and dental care are no exception. Trend report about five key trends that will have great impact and shaping the future of dentistry. 

Client: Aqua Dental


The New Sustainable Consumer

The New Sustainable Consumer report is an exploratory foresight report and was published in Scandinavian MIND issue 1. 


Our purpose with understanding the New Sustainable Consumer is to create a better understanding for why and how consumers do or do not incorporate sustainability issues into their consumption pattern

Partner: Scandinavian MIND

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The State Of Coffee

Future forecasting sustainability trends and consumer attitudes in regard to coffee and Nespresso AAA program with Rainforest Alliance.  


Client: Nespresso   

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A Pilsner's Considerations

Trend report describing the Gastrosexual man, what we expect from a dream bartender and why beer knowledge is viewed upon as high status. 

Client: SAB Miller/Pilsner Urquell

Dental Health Report 

A research study of behaviours and preferences in regard of dental health, dental costs and how we  trust our dentist. 


Client: Aqua Dental    

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The State Of Coffee

TRETORN Brand Journal

Brand Journal and seasonal newspaper highlighting Sustainability efforts and new eco frontiers within R&D.  

Tretorn: Head of Marketing and Sustainability affairs

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Breakfast trends

A Trend report based on quantitative and qualitative research about breakfast trends in the hotel industry


Client: Skåne Mejerier    

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The Tretorn Story

A storytelling brand book about the heritage and legacy of Swedish outdoor brand Tretorn 


Tretorn: Global PR Manager    

The New Sustainable Consumer   

A Trend report based on

expert interviews and desk top research within existing reports. Explaining the new sustainable consumers attitude and behaviours. 


Partner: Scandinavian MIND    

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The Eco Essentials Initiative 

Sustainability manifesto and brand direction within sustainable innovation and brand story


Tretorn: Head of Marketing and Sustainability affairs

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