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Want to look good in front of others and be ‘in-the-know

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The Eco Swinger feel that sustainability is for real and something they should take very seriously. However, even if they want to do good, they need help to swing their actions in the right direction.

While they swing back and forth with their consumption, they also see sustainability as a strong opportunity to include when building their personal image, hence they see knowledge about sustainability as something that impress their peers and a tool to gain status.

They don’t feel that helping the world and building their image is contrary. They see themselves as being supporters of each other, wanting to change the world in style while building their own image with a cleaner conscience.

They like to engage in communicative storytelling projects like Ocean Waste, Left Over projects, small- and local-farmers. Initiatives that are easy to understand and curate the story for them to look good when retelling it to their peers. The swingers need easy actions to follow.

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