Sarek Collection

Strategic Category Development, GoTo-market, Collaboration

SAREK Brand Development Conceptual Eco Collection 
Portfolio work from Tretorn, as creative Director and head of marketing

Case: Consumer insights, Concept to Consumer Strategy, Product design brief, Visual development and production, Lifestyle PR and influencer seeding, media partnerships and   

Selected impact: National Geographic, Make It Last, Dagens Industri, UN World Oceans Conference NYC, Crown Princess Victoria Bernadotte, Plaza, Icon, Cafe, KING, Veckans Affärer.       

The Sarek Collection was created as a tribute to Tretorn long heritage from hiking in the extreme wilderness of Sarek.

It was created as a way to highlight the new brand position and act as a statement for sustainable innovation. 

The project included new product development, goto market strategy, collaboration with Nigel Cabourn and new visual identity. 


“The Sarek collection is sprung from the passion of finding a sustainable outdoor lifestyle, the love of the river and the surrounding mountains, and our hope that it forever remains wild” 

Fredrik Ekström - Creative Director Tretorn 

Sarek Rapa Valley

The Rapa river is a 75 km long river that runs through the Rapa Valley and forms the Laitaure Delta. To highlight our love for the river we made a new pattern "Rapa Valley Pattern" created by extracting forms and shapes from air photos of the unique delta​.


The Last Untouched Wilderness in Europe

SAREK National Park is a 1970 km2 national park in the western part of Jokkmokk municipality in Lapland and was formed in 1909. The park is one of the oldest national parks in Europe and is Sweden's largest high mountain area where the indigenous Saami people have lived and followed the reindeer migration since ancient times. It is considered the largest untouched wilderness in Europe and protected as a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1995.

Nigel Cabourn Sarek Collaboration

"Tretorn introduced me to Sarek in northern Sweden, one of Europe's last true wilderness areas, which I found very exciting and inspirational. The result is that each item in this collaboration has a sense of the place that inspires it and is made with care and respect to this natural environment underpinned by Tretorn’s credentials through the Eco Essentials initiative" says Nigel Cabourn.


Visual and Content strategy

Established a visual identity for the concept. It was based on an editorial approach for look books and hero imagery was shoot at Sarek with Gustav Viking.