The New Sustainable Consumer 

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The decisions we make now have the power to rebuild and reshape brands long after the influence of the pandemic. One key action is to integrate sustainability within all business functions and find new opportunities to create value for the consumer, employees, and investors.

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The New Sustainable Consumer

- And her search for truth

Most of the changes we’re seeing right now are actually major transformations into new lifestyle behaviours rather than shorter trends in the market. To keep track of or even participate in and influence these changes, brands need more than ever to create a strategic approach to what is happening

photography OLOF GRIND, styling MARCUS SÖDER – originally published in Scandinavian MAN Issue 3 aw 2018.

 The New Sustainable Consumer report is an exploratory foresight report and was published in Scandinavian MIND issue 1. 


Our purpose with understanding the New Sustainable Consumer is to create a better understanding for why and how consumers do or do not incorporate sustainability issues into their consumption pattern

The pandemic will have a huge transformative impact on us as society. Where economic, social, and psychological effects will be felt for generations. 

We have to future-proof our business with new and innovative strategies for branding and sustainability. It’s almost irrelevant how strong you’ve been in the past. Resting on your old loyalty base is not an option when preparing for a future where loyalty is elusive, and consumers make seismic changes on demand.


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The Transformation Conference is a new event from ­Scandinavian MIND, in collaboration with Nordic Talks. The conference brings together the best minds from technology, fashion, design, beauty, and ­mobility to discuss how to build a more sustainable future.