Sustainable Consumer 2022

The NXT Sustainable Consumer 2022 is a quantitative research and foresight report of consumers in Sweden. It provides you with tools to thrive in a time of transition, outlining areas where the consumers hearts and anxieties are right now, strategies for success and three consumer profiles you need to be talking to, and how to speak with them.


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This report is based on quantitative and qualitative research from Above The Clouds Future Series about the NXT Sustainable Consumer.

As a change forecaster, Above The Clouds guides you through this shifting landscape by providing expert consumer insight and actionable advise.


With the NXT Sustainable Consumer Report you will find tools and insights to power up your 2022 brand strategies through Sustainability and Eco-Decisions.​

What you find in The NXT Sustainable Consumer Report 2022

  1. Insights:

    1. The Sustainable Consumer Readiness Curve

  2. Drivers:

    1. Sustainability, Status and Anxiety 

  3. Future:

    1. Gen-Z The Eco-Sexual Generation?

  4. Future:

    1. Brand Activism is here to stay

  5. Opportunities:

    1. My Sustainability dream brand 

  6. Opportunities:

    1. Deep dive, Three Consumer Profiles

    2. Dedicate Pioneers

    3. Anxious Activists 

    4. Eco-Swingers

From Insights To Activations

We have to power up our brand strategies to future-proof our business with new and innovative strategies for branding and sustainability. It’s almost irrelevant how strong brands have been in the past. Resting on an old loyalty base is not an option when preparing for a future where loyalty is elusive, and consumers make seismic changes on demand

Fredrik Ekström

We as humans, are transforming from Sustainability-Zombies into Eco-Swingers and Anxious Activists, and we balance this transformation on equal parts hope and anxiety.