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From Insights
To Activations

Transforms research and insights into creative actions to build unique brands that stands out from the competition.


From Insights
To Activations

As a freelance consultant I create insights about future behaviours, defines the strategic role of your business, and transforms it into actions. With a sole purpose to build future focused brands. 

Future focused,
brand communication 

My belief is that most brands have to power up their brand strategies to future-proof their business with innovative strategies for branding, sustainability and PR. And that it’s almost irrelevant how strong brands have been in the past. Resting in an old loyalty base is not an option when preparing for a future where loyalty is elusive, and consumers make seismic changes on demand.

My Work

This is my personal portfolio of work. 

With a blend of trend research, consumer insights, brand strategy and conceptual activations i help breathe new life into clients brand strategy and PR. And build brands that stand for something, that share an enthusiasm and passion, that engage people, and ultimately stand out from the competition.

Breathing new life into your brand purpose

Through insights driven reports i create thought-leadership and disruptive thinking that build brands, reputation and awareness. The reports enables you to position your brand uniquely against your competition, while generating interest and demand for your thoughts, products and brand.