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Eco-Essentials Initiative 

The Eco Essentials Initiative was created as a strategic brand concept. Made to challenge, inspire and act as a role model within sustainable innovation. 


The mission with The Eco Essentials Initiative was to create a platform that continuously challenge the organisation to act more responsibly and inspire others to do the same.


360 Brand activation 

Strategic Sustainability development 

Product development 

category development 





A platform for sustainable innovation

A new category of Eco-Sneakers

A new Sub-brand Sarek Apparel

The Left Over Project 

The Ghost Net Project

The Bio Jacket Project

Tretorn x Nigel Cabourn 

Tretorn x OiPolloi

Tretorn x Naturkompaniet 

Tretorn X MAKIA


This case is from when i worked as Head of Marketing and Creative Director Europe at Tretorn.  

The project was an integrated teamwork with the teams at Tretorn: product, design, sales, marketing.

In 2015 People’s values were becoming more infused in their shopping habits. Consumers were more environmentally and socially conscious, turning to brands that not only talk about responsibility—but demonstrate it by inviting the consumer to transform with them.


In the same time we knew efficiency alone was not enough. The world needed systemic change at scale, and to meet this change we needed to change how we interact with nature. We needed to collaborate rather than compete. And we needed to start look upon waste as a resource and adopt to a more circular mindset. To do this we created the Eco-Essentials Initiative.

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Photo credit: Norr Agency 365 Naturkompaniet. Tretorn X Naturkompaniet, Ghost Net Jacket 

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My role was that through consumer insights and strategic planning, create a concept that would position Tretorn as a future focused brand. 

I came up with the idea of the initiative, wrote the manifest, purpose statements, sustainability KPI's and directions for our approach to sustainable innovation and communication.

I worked together with the product team to update on product communication, logos and gave design direction. I updated the visual identity, created sales presentations, managed trade shows and press events. I defined an approach to collaborations and a road map for communication around them.   

During the project i also managed the role as Head of Sustainability Affairs and created a though leader program where we could tell our story. 

Photo credit: Norr Agency 365 Naturkompaniet. Tretorn X Naturkompaniet, Bio Jacket

"Inspire people to be part of creating a better world"

We created the Eco-Essentials Initiative around a manifest, purpose statement and a road map of continuous development and innovative storytelling collaborations. The objective with the collaborations was to engage the consumer during the transformative phase and continuously push our boundaries. The Eco-Essentials Values was then integrated in the organisation through policies, processes and product development.

The result of the project was a platform and initiative that changed the business fundamentals and created new sustainable innovation opportunities with a collaborative approach. The initiative was activated through thought leadership PR, retailer coops and designer collaborations.

Activation .jpg

Photo credit: OiPolloi Tretorn X OiPolloi, Bio Jacket

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Powered up Brand Storytelling through Brand Books and Editorial Look Books

My approach is that Brand Books and editorial Look Books should act as a mirror of the brand soul, it should connect buyers, consumers and press with the brand and brand stories. It should be a conversation starter where we position the brand in the head of the consumer as we wish to be perceived. 


I created a lot of publications during the project, Eco-Essentials Manifest, Editorial Look Books with seasonal themes, collaboration books and fabric presentations.    

My role was to create content strategy, storytelling ideas, copy writing and visual direction.  


 Consumer insights, Sustainability Strategy, Brand development, Concept to Consumer Strategy, New Product Development, International Collaborations and Activations


New Eco Brand Position, about 80% of all products being made in the initiative 2020, a distinct new purpose, new categories and product development. A new brand voice and great ongoing international publicity.  


Let's Connect and  Collaborate 

For any inquiries please email me at or use the link below to find out more about me.


Fredrik Ekström

+46 (0) 72 729 46 32

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