Eco-Essentials Sustainability Initiative

The Eco Essentials Initiative was created as a strategic brand concept to future proof business strategies through branding and sustainability. The concept aimed to challenge and inspire the organisation as well as act as a guiding star within sustainable innovation, communication and sales. 






Branding & Sustainability

Type of Work

Insights, Strategy, Branding, Concept, Product development,  Activation, Collaborations


CV-Portfolio work from Tretorn, as creative director and head of marketing.

The Eco-Essentials Initiative was created as a hands-on activation to power up the Tretorn brand strategy with a meaningful purpose driven initiative.  


The objective was to establish Tretorn as a responsible and trustworthy brand and one insight we used was that we needed to walk and talk to show consumers, customers and stakeholders that we could act as an inspiration and role model.

We needed to show that we were leading the way towards sustainable innovation.

The Initiative was created around a eco-manifest and guiding star, integrated throughout the organization, design, marketing, sales and operations. Activated through PR thoughleadership, international collaborations and product development.

My role was creator of the concept, strategic lead for product and category development within eco innovation and sourcing. Spokesperson for sustainability and driving development of new visual identity, brand messaging and activations.

The mission with The Eco Essentials Initiative was to create a platform that continuously challenge the organisation to act more responsibly and inspire others to do the same.

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 Consumer insights, Sustainability Strategy, Brand development, Concept to Consumer Strategy, New Product Development, International Collaborations and Activations


New Eco Brand Position, Over 50% of all products being made in the initiative 2020, a distinct new purpose, new categories and product development. A new brand voice


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