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The Art of Bold Rebellion

Crafting a narrative driven by consumer and trend insights, the Weekday Brand Campaign FW23 aimed for bold resonance within The Creative Collective concept. The result, The Art of Not Giving A F_ck, , defied norms, celebrating individuals embracing Neo-Collectivism and Aesthetic Absurdism. The campaign was all about mastering the art of living free, and reshaping societal expectations.

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My responsibility was to generate insights on global drivers and macro trends, resonating with the brand target audience. I introduced trends such as Neo-Collectivism, I Don’t Dream About Work, Re-Evaluation of Norms, and Aesthetic Absurdism. Building upon these trend insights, I conducted workshops with stakeholder groups, the creative team, and channel owners. By creating and presenting strategic directions, I empowered the creative team to translate insights into concept development and activations. The result materialized in the campaign, The Art of Not Giving A F*ck—an ode to individuals boldly charting their own course, unfazed by societal norms.

Insights: Mastering the Art of Living Free

The campaign, The Art of Not Giving A Fck, celebrated individuals who defy societal norms and express their uniqueness. My role involved unveiling global drivers and macro trends through insights like Neo-Collectivism, Re-evaluation of Norms, I Dont Dream About Work and Aesthetic Absurdism. The strategic directions translated into a campaign highlighting those who dared to reshape societal norms.

These insights paved the way for strategic directions that weren’t just conceptual but were translated into a bold campaign. The focus was on spotlighting individuals who courageously defied societal norms and authentically expressed their uniqueness. The campaign became a canvas for those daring enough to reshape the norms that society had imposed.

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The Objective: Crafting a Bold Narrative

Weekday Above The Clouds Strategy

Driven by consumer and trend insights, the strategic direction for Weekday Brand Campaign FW23 aimed to be emotionally resonant, aligning with the brand promise and The Creative Collective concept. The objective was to be bold, creatively distinct, and achieve broad reach.

The Campaign: Unapologetically Authentic

Weekday Above The Clouds Strategy

The featured rebellious collective embodies a carefree attitude, unabashedly embracing their unique identities and defying societal norms. Captured through the lens of Osma Harvilahti, the campaign features an eclectic cast of characters that perfectly represent the creative generation. Nona the Furry, Santana SexMachine the Drag Queen, Elsa the Larper and Viggo the Metalhead confidently showcase their distinct styles, celebrating their individual quirks and expressing themselves authentically.


This class represents the real essence of what we do, which is creating clothes for individuals who want to express themselves. It’s a celebration of coming together as a creative collective.” Kim Holm, Managing Director of Weekday (Source Hypebae)

Strategic Planning and Creative Direction 

I have some 20+ years of experience, working with brands, insights, and activations, both from agencies like PrimePR/UnitedMINDS and the brand side – including 6 years as Head of Marketing and Creative Director at Tretorn.

At Above The Clouds, I offer a freelance consulting service that allows you to leverage my in-depth expertise across a range of specialty areas, without having to increase your permanent staff or contract a full-size agency. 

Fredrik Ekstrom Weekday Above The Clouds Strategy

Fredrik Ekström

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