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Scandinavian MIND

Transformation Conference

Keynote Speaker The New Sustainable Consumer Trend Report 

The Transformation Conference is a new event from ­Scandinavian MIND, in collaboration with Nordic Talks. The conference brings together the best minds from technology, fashion, design, beauty, and ­mobility to discuss how to build a more sustainable future.

London Aquarium

Keynote Speaker  

Presenting The Tretorn X SEA LIFE TRUST partnership for journalists, environmentalists and stakeholders at the London Aquarium.  

Guiding the audience through the situation in our oceans and the 650 000 tonnes of fishing nets that are floating around as debris. Presenting how brands can take a bigger responsibility and work together with organisations for a better world.  


Selection of my latest public appearances

2020         Keynote speaker     - The New Sustainable Consumer, Scandinavian MIND Transformation Conference Stockholm

2020         Presenter                 - Why Sustainability is not just a trend for brands, World Bio-Market, Amsterdam

2020         Keynote speaker     - Building business out of Eco-Passion, SEA LIFE Trust London Aquarium, London

2019         Keynote speaker     - Transformation through sustainability, world ocean day Fotografiska museum Stockholm

2019         Panel speaker         - New Nordic Sustainability SEEK Fashion Tech, Berlin

2019         Panel speaker         - Success with a Collaboration SEEK Fashion Tech, Berlin

2019         Speaker                   - Transforming a brand with sustainability, TEKO Stockholm

2019         Keynote speaker     - Transforming a brand with sustainability, Draper Sustainability Festival, London

2018         Keynote speaker     - Transforming a brand with sustainability, TEKO Borås

2018         Panel speaker         - Finding the new Scandinavian Sustainability - PITTI Uomo Florence

2018         Panel speaker         - How to build a business around sustainability - Jacket Required London  


Lecturer Higher Education

2011         Lecturer                   - Market Analysis IHR (Department of Higher Advertising Education) Stockholm University.

2010         Lecturer                   - Market Analysis IHR (Department of Higher Advertising Education) Stockholm University.

2009         Lecturer                   - Market Analysis IHR (Department of Higher Advertising Education) Stockholm University. 

2008         Lecturer                   - Market Analysis within Strategic PR and Communication. Berghs School Of Communication          

The decisions we make now have the power to rebuild and reshape brands long after the influence of the pandemic. One key action is to integrate sustainability within all business functions and find new opportunities to create value for the consumer, employees, and investors.


The Project Show x  Scandinavian MIND

Expert Panel Discussion 

A more Mindful Consumer

Samuel Hine  - GQ

Jordana Guimaraes - Fashion Innovation NYC

Fredrik Ekström - Above The Clouds 

Konrad Olsson - Scandinavian MIND

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that consumers, more than ever, are “voting” with their wallets. Demanding authenticity and aligning themselves with those who share a moral compass, they expect brands to take a stand on important cultural and political issues. By reserving their hard earned cash for those they deem worthy, consumers are looking for value beyond the literal cost of goods. But does their behavior match their sentiment? And are brands looking to go the extra mile, potentially exposing themselves as inauthentic or losing market share as a result?

SEEK Fashion Tech Studio Berlin

Expert Panel Discussion 

The New Nordic Sustainability 

Rune Orloff  - GANNI

Henrik Lindholm - Sandqvist

Fredrik Ekström - Tretorn 

Soren Alling Sorensen - Res Res 

Dorothe Sarah Spehar - DS Agency

A deep dive discussion at SEEK Fashion Tech Studio in Berlin about what global brands can learn from the sustainability movement in Scandinavia.