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Public Speaker Trend insights & inspirations 

The future is closer than you think, learn how to harness it's potential.​ My forward-looking presentations and trend workshops are designed to inspire you and your team with the insights and strategic thinking required to bring your strategy and future direction to life. 

Next Textile: The future of textile conference Borås

Key Note Speaker 

In the head of the NXT sustainable consumer. 

Re:sourse as a Resource 

Sustainability as a trustworthy one-solution label, where the word has a universal meaning and getting decoded the same way regardless of the consumer, has long been co-opted.


The meaning of sustainability are increasingly granular to the Swedish consumer that examining how their behaviours affect the planet and evaluating their relationships with brands and communication.

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Fashion Week Stockholm 

Key Note Speaker 

The NXT Sustainable Consumer Report 

Stockholm Fashion District 

Scandinavian MIND 


The report is based on quantitative and qualitative research from Above The Clouds Future Series about the NXT Sustainable Consumer.

As a change forecaster, Above The Clouds guides you through the shifting landscape by providing expert consumer insight and actionable advise.


With the NXT Sustainable Consumer Report you will find tools and insights to power up your 2022 brand strategies through Sustainability and Eco-Decisions.​

Fashion in Helsinki

Key Note Speaker 


Fashion researcher Fredrik Ekström shares his insights on The New Sustainable Consumer. He talks about how brands can thrive in a time of transition, where the consumers hearts and anxieties are, and three consumer profiles you need to know.

- Fashion in Helsinki


The NXT Sustainable Consumer




Expert Webinar Sustainable business - Collaboration and Cooperation. 

Sympathy Lab is a webinar serie that is organised and broadcasted regularly by Sympatex and partners.

Together SympathyLab will initiate, work and learn how Re>Closing the loop. Together. can work for the entire outdoor and textile industry.


Outdoor Industry Compass - The NXT sustainable consumer Report 

OtherLands NFT Festival

NFT Masterclass Presenter  

Presenter at OtherLands NFT art MasterClass in Stockholm. 


 OtherLands is a first of its kind NFT art festival that is being initiated by Samsung Nordics in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland at the same time. It is a festival that celebrates the creative and contrast-rich meeting that arises between art, fashion, music, technology and innovation when they meet through the aesthetic and absurdity that symbolizes NFT’s and blockchain technology.



Inside OtherLands Pod 


The New Sustainable Consumer Report 2021

Key Note Speaker 

Transformation Conference

Presenting The New Sustainable Consumer Trend Report 2021 at  

Scandinavian MIND Transformation Conference


The conference brings together the best minds from technology, fashion, design, beauty, and - mobility to discuss how to build a more sustainable future.






The Project Show New York 

Expert panel discussion

A more Mindful Consumer


Samuel Hine  - GQ

Jordana Guimaraes - Fashion Innovation NYC

Konrad Olsson - Scandinavian MIND

Consumers, more than ever, are “voting” with their wallets. By reserving their hard earned cash for those they deem worthy, consumers are looking for value beyond the literal cost of goods. But does their behaviour match their sentiment? 

SEEK Fashion Tech Berlin 

Expert panel discussion

New Nordic Sustainability

Rune Orlof  - Ganni

Henrik Lindholm - Nudie 

Soren Alling - Res Res 

What can global brands learn from the New Nordic Sustainability movement. And how will this movement drive innovation through digitalisation.

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Tretorn x SEA LIFE TRUST London 

Key Note Speaker 

How commercial brands and NGO´s can work together to protect the oceans. 

Presenting the Ghost Net co-lab between SEA LIFE TRUST & Tretorn. A partnership sprung from the shared belief in protecting the wild oceans.

Press and stakeholders 


Proper Magazine UK

The Industry of Fashion UK

Underlines Magazine UK 

Fashion United UK

Trend insights & Inspiraton

​My forward-looking presentations and trend workshops are designed to inspire you and your team with the insights and strategic thinking required to bring your strategy and future direction to life. 


Fredrik Ekström

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