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From Brand DNA to Market Success

In today's dynamic landscape, consumers seek authentic connections with brands that transcend superficiality. I specialize in crafting brand strategies that encompass your brand's DNA, ensuring it resonates deeply with your audience and thrives in the market.


I specialize in turning insights into strategic assets, crafting brands that stand for something, igniting enthusiasm, and capturing hearts and minds.

Trend Insights and Value Changes

  • Unveil Your Brand's Future: We dive deep into trend insights and value changes, equipping your brand with the knowledge it needs to stay ahead of the curve.

Strategic Direction and Advisory

  • Charting Your Course: My Direction service is your guiding compass to find your brand's North Star with expert positioning, philosophy, and strategic direction.

DEVELOPMENT: Creating Impactful Brand Platforms

  • Your Brand's DNA: We lay the groundwork with a comprehensive brand platform and guidelines, ensuring a consistent brand image across all touchpoints. 

Future Focused
Brand Strategy for
Authentic Connections

In today's dynamic consumer landscape, authentic connections are paramount. As a dedicated strategy consultant, I specialise in crafting future-focused brand strategies that delve deep into your brand's soul.

My approach encompasses various essential elements, including strategic positioning in consumers' minds, purpose statements, brand ecosystems, values, vision, mission, brand voice, messaging, and attributes. These components come together to create a brand strategy that forges genuine, lasting connections.

Power up Brand Strategies through Sustainability and Eco-Decisions.

An important challenge for anyone who wants to drive consumption in a more sustainable direction is how to spread their ideas and initiatives while still being relevant and attractive to the consumer. 

I’m specialised in consumer centric sustainability and help brands understand global drivers, value changes, and macro trends and how that could be defined into their strategic platform and turned into a roadmap of sustainability actions.

SAREK Rapa Valley Jacket. Made within the Sarek Eco-Collection as a tribute to the wild river ending up in the Rapa Valley Delta.   

square report 23.005.jpeg

For a position to be authentic, there needs to be a credible correlation between what we promise to fulfil and how we position ourselves on the market and in the head of the consumers.

Ejendal 2_edited_edited.jpg

And there are no shortcuts to breath life in a successful brand transformation. It never happens with a single activation. There is only a roadmap of strategic, creative, and actionable brand decisions that, if implemented consistently, lead a brand towards cultural status, consumer excitement, and business success. The brand platform is a key tool to execute this with perfection.

Selected Projects

This is my personal portfolio

With a blend of trend research, consumer insights, brand strategy and conceptual activations i help breathe new life into clients brand strategy and communication. 

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Strategic brand platform 

Strategic brand platform and brand hierarchy for three brands. The work was carried out together with BLCK Communication for a global producer of work wear. The platform included positioning of the brands, purpose, vision, mission, messaging and attributes.     


Brand Concept Sustainability

The Eco-Essentials Initiative was created as a strategic brand sustainability concept. The strategy work included consumer insights, purpose statement, vision, mission, and eco-manifest.  The work also included product development, design briefings, sales training and GoTo market strategy. The initiative was activated globally through PR and design collaborations.


Senior PR Strategist MXNordic 

Acting In-house Senior PR strategist Mobile Experiences. 

Directing parts of a larger way-of-working transformation for the Nordic Markets. The work included to establish new PR-way-of-working protocols, strategic approach and GTM road map. Management of nordic PR-agency network, including concept development, briefings, PR-summits, evaluations and strategic directions.


Ghost Net Apparel Concept

The Ghost Net Project was created as a strategic brand purpose activation. We created it to show  sustainability commitments through real product development where we turned ocean trash into nylon treasures. We launched the project through PR, thought leadership, collaborations, and retail marketing.. My role was creating the concept, act as strategic and creative lead, design and visual direction, GoTo-Market strategy and manage activations.

Let's Connect and  Collaborate 


Fredrik Ekström

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