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Galaxy Bucket List Test Trip

The Concept of Galaxy Bucket List Test Trips was created with the objective to attract sport & lifestyle journalists from the nordic countries to test Samsungs new smart sport watch, Watch5Pro. The watch is a genuinely good sports watch, but to engage sport-lifestyle journalists the test needed to be authentic and extreme, they needed to genuinely learn something new and it should be a test they would remember and talk about with their friends.  


Samsung Nordic MX

Mobile Experience 




Smart Watch and Galaxy Eco System

Type of Work

Conceptual activation,

PR, media relations and product demonstration 

This project was made as acting PR Strategist Mobile Experiences for Samsung Nordic.


The project was executed with dedicated PR-people from Jung Relations. 



We knew that the sport-lifestyle journalists are picky in doing travel with brands. However if we could create a "bucket list" feeling and challenge the journalists into doing something unexpected, pushing their own barriers and leaving their comfort zone. We could create memories and engagement that trigger them to test products in authentic and honest environments.      


We created the concept Galaxy Bucket List Test Trips, with the mission that everyone should at least once a year travel to a place they never have been before and do something they never have done before, while testing products connected through the Samsung Galaxy Eco System.   

My role was creating the concept, setting up the trip with unique experiences, manage bookings, and acting as guide while demonstrating products. 


The first trip went to the Polar Circle for a three day trail running and hiking experience.   

We believe that everyone should travel, at least once a year, to a place they never have been before, and try something that they never have tried before.