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Galaxy Bucket List Test Trip

The big idea of the Galaxy Bucket List Test Trips emerged with the primary goal of captivating sport and lifestyle journalists across the Nordic countries for an authentic trial of Samsung's latest smart sport watch, Watch5Pro. While the watch itself boasts exceptional sports capabilities, we recognized the necessity to elevate engagement among sport-lifestyle journalists. The test wasn't merely about showcasing a remarkable sports watch; it was about crafting an experience that was both genuine and extraordinary. Our aim was to provide an authentic learning opportunity, ensuring a test they would remember and eagerly share with their peers.


Samsung Nordic MX

Mobile Experience 




Smart Watch and Galaxy Eco System

Type of Work

Conceptual activation,

PR, media relations and product demonstration 

Case Study: Galaxy Test Trips

In my role as the acting PR Strategist for Mobile Experiences at Samsung Nordic, I created the innovative Galaxy Test Trips project. Collaborating with the dedicated PR team at Jung Relations for activation of the concept, we embarked on a mission to redefine the relationship between sport-lifestyle journalists and authentic brand experiences.


Recognizing the discerning nature of sport-lifestyle journalists, we sought to break the mold by cultivating a "bucket list" experience. Our goal was to challenge journalists to step outside their comfort zones, push their boundaries, and create lasting memories. We aimed to foster engagement that would inspire them to authentically test Samsung Galaxy Eco System products in unique and honest environments.     

Introducing the concept of Galaxy Bucket List Test Trips, we urged everyone to annually venture to unexplored destinations and partake in novel experiences while putting Samsung's products to the test.

My role extended to create and  conceptualise the project, curating unique experiences for the trips, managing bookings, and serving as a guide while showcasing the products.


The inaugural trip took participants to the Polar Circle for an unforgettable three-day trail running and hiking experience. This initiative not only reshaped the way journalists interacted with Samsung but also established a blueprint for creating genuine and impactful product testings.

This case showcases the fusion of creativity and strategy in crafting a memorable and authentic brand experience, solidifying Samsung's position at the forefront of innovation and adventure.

We believe that everyone should travel, at least once a year, to a place they never have been before, and try something that they never have tried before.  

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