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Power up Brand Strategies through Sustainability and Eco-Decisions.

Consumer behaviours and shopping priorities are changing fast, and brands must rethink their engagement strategies to stay relevant and successful.

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An important challenge for anyone who wants to drive consumption in a more sustainable direction is how to spread their ideas and initiatives while still being relevant and attractive to the consumer.

CONSUMER INSIGHTS: The NXT sustainable Consumer 

  • Unlocking Green Insights: My Sustainability Insights uncover eco-conscious consumer data, ensuring sustainability strategies align with audience preferences.

Brand Sustainability Direction

  • Charting a Greener Course: My Brand Sustainability Direction service is your guiding compass to establish a solid sustainability position that resonates with your audience and shaping your brand's mission and values.

COMMUNICATION: Sustainability  Activations

  • Amplifying Green Impact: My Sustainability and Branding Expertise maximizes the reach and reputation of your initiatives, ensuring your brand forging a deeper connection with your sustainability initiatives and the consumers.  

The future is closer than you think

And there are no shortcuts to perform a successful sustainability brand transformation. It never happens with a single campaign. There is only a roadmap of strategic, creative, and actionable brand decisions that, if implemented consistently, lead a brand towards sustainability, cultural status, consumer excitement, and business success.


And it all begins with involving the consumer in the journey

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Cultural Manifestations

When many companies embark on their transformation from linear to circular and/or adopt a holistic approach to sustainability, they typically focus on the rational effects within products, production, and transportation. However, it is equally important to focus on emotional values and redefine the brand's approach to work culture, storytelling, cultural status, and consumer excitement during transformation.

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Consumer Centric Sustainability 


I’m specialised in consumer centric sustainability and help brands understand global drivers, value changes, and macro trends and how that could be defined into their strategic platform and turned into a roadmap of sustainability actions.

Selected Projects

This is my personal portfolio

With a blend of trend research, consumer insights, brand strategy and conceptual activations i help breathe new life into clients sustainability strategy and communication. 

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Trend Report Sustainability

The NXT Sustainable Consumer Report 2023 - The Post Purpose Activists - is a trend report based on quantitative data from a nationally representative sample of 2,405 respondents in Sweden and Denmark. The report is part of Above The Cloud's : Future Series on sustainability and lifestyle behaviours linked to consumption.


Brand Concept Sustainability

The Eco-Essentials Initiative was created as a strategic brand concept through sustainability transformation. We created the Initiative around a manifest, purpose statement and a road map of  developments and collaborations. The initiative was activated globally through PR, thought leadership and design collaborations.

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Sustainability Storytelling

A Sustainability Story Book should act as a mirror of your brand soul, it should connect buyers, consumers and press with your brand and sustainability stories. It should be a conversation starter where you are able to position your brand in the head of the consumer as you wish to be perceived. I create content strategy and visual direction and produce content for brand books, sustainability presentations and sustainability reports. 


Ghost Net Apparel Concept

The Ghost Net Project was created as a strategic brand purpose activation. We created it to show  sustainability commitments through real product development where we turned ocean trash into nylon treasures. We launched the project through PR, thought leadership, collaborations, and retail marketing.. My role was creating the concept, act as strategic and creative lead, design and visual direction, GoTo-Market strategy and manage activations.


SAREK Apparel Category dev.

The SAREK apparel concept was created as a strategic sub brand / brand concept focusing on easy to wear outdoor clothing based on the heritage from hiking in Sarek. We created the collection around a SAREK eco-manifest, purpose statement, and visual identity with on product design features, logotype and storytelling.

The concept was launched through a photo shoot in SAREK and collaboration with Nigel Cabourn, presentation at international trade shows like Pitti Uomo, a specific SAREK section in look books and sales presentations. The initiative was then activated through massive PR prior to consumer launch.  


The sustainable Consumer 2022

During the crisis the shift towards making more environmentally friendly, sustainable, or ethical purchases has accelerated, and consumers have made a green leap as individuals to adopt the ideas of sustainability. 


This movement means that 8 out of 10 consumers identifies themselves as being a person where sustainability is part of their self-conception and in different ways trigger positively on sustainability initiatives.


The sustainable Consumer 2021

The New Sustainable Consumer 2020 report is an exploratory foresight report which was produced and published with  Scandinavian MIND 


Our purpose with understanding the New Sustainable Consumer is to create a better understanding for why and how consumers do or do not incorporate sustainability issues into their consumption pattern

Let's Connect and  Create! 

My Insight reports enables brands to position themselves uniquely against the competition, establish thought-leadership and disruptive thinking that creates insights, build reputation and increase awareness through strategic PR, content and brand development.


Fredrik Ekström

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