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Ghost Net Project

The Ghost Net Project was a strategic, brand purpose activation. Created to showcase sustainability commitments through product development and turning ocean trash into treasures.

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650 000 tonnes of fishing nets are floating around in our oceans as debris, what if we could harvest this floating nylon forests and turn them into high quality rainwear. 

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Transforming Ocean Trash into Treasures

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The Ghost Net Project and Rain Jacket From The Sea is a portfolio case from when I worked as Head of Marketing & Creative Director Europe, at Tretorn.


The project was an integrated teamwork with the skilled team’s at Tretorn: product, design, sales, and marketing.  


My role was creating the concept, initiating the collaboration with Naturkompaniet, write the narrative and project storytelling. Give design directions and visual identity. Manage production of marketing assets and activate the launch through retail activation, PR and influencers online and e-com.    

Photo Credit: Norr Agency 365 Naturkompaniet. Ghost Net Jacket 

The Project


Branding & Sustainability

Type of Work

Insights, Strategy, Branding, Concept, Product development,  Activation, Collaborations

The project was based on the insights that most rainwear is not made out of natural fiber, it’s made out of polyester and nylon, so if we can’t find these resources in a natural way in nature, how can we find them in a semi natural way?

We found out that 650 000 tonnes of fishing nets where floating around in the oceans as debris. And fishing nets are made out of high quality nylon. The resource used for making rain proof fabric. What if we could harvest these floating forests of trash and turn them into treasures?​

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Photo Credit: Carolines Mode, Stockholm StreetStyle, Philip Conradsson 

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Power up Brand Strategies through Sustainability and Eco-Decisions.

An important challenge for anyone who wants to drive consumption in a more sustainable direction is how to spread their ideas and initiatives while still being relevant and attractive to the consumer. 

The Ghost Net Project started as part of a collaboration with the outdoor retailer Naturkompaniet in Sweden. But quickly grow in importance and positioned the brand by taking a stand in the shared passion for responsible manufacturing and retail.  

The project was highlighted at UN World Ocean Conference in New York, worn by Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, written about in the National Geographic Magazine and it was a key building block in Tretorn brand positioning towards sustainability.   

Film from Naturkompaniet YouTube


 Consumer insights, Sustainability Strategy, Brand development, Retailer collaboration, New Product Development, Design direction, International Collaborations and Activations


Established a new eco category, Sustainability brand positioning through collaborations, sales driven product marketing, international PR reach and though leader position. 


Let's Connect and  Collaborate 

For any inquiries please email me at or use the link below to find out more about me.


Fredrik Ekström

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