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The Dental Health Report
Trend Report focused on the future of
Dental Health and consumer attitudes 

Case: Consumer research and insights, Trend report, Thought leadership PR, copywriting, design and production. 

Aqua Dental is a progressive leader for private dentistry in Sweden. They have a strong belief in changing the way we look at dental care and dental health. To lead this change we produced The Swedish Dental Health Trend Report 2021, to shed light on the situation in dental care and contribute with new insights into Swedes' dental care habits.  The report seeks answers to questions related to attitudes and behaviours around dental health and looks ahead at how dental care may develop in the future.

The future is closer than you might think. Digital transformation is a key word in a variety of sectors, dental health and dental care are no exception. The report provides insights into funding, patients' fears, and attitudes towards dental care. As well as looking ahead to trends that shape our future through digital development, e.g., AI, AR / VR, 3D modelling.


The report is created through a thorough screening of existing one’s surveys and reports from, for example, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the National Board of Health and Welfare and government public investigations (SOU); stakeholder interviews with industry experts; and a quantitative opinion poll via web panel that is representative of the adult population in Sweden (18 years and older).

The quantitative survey shows a divided Sweden. There is a clear difference between patients who go to private dentistry and those who use Folktandvården. The patients who choose private dentistry are often older, have higher incomes and higher education. These patients are more satisfied with their choice of care and visit the dental care much more often than patients within the National Dental Service. 


Above the Clouds was responsible for the choice of method and model for conducting surveys, conducting desktop surveys, producing questionnaires, and conducting data collection via the Next Consulting web panel, as well as analyzing data, producing insights, and writing of the report.

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