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The NXT Sustainable Consumer Report 2022

The NXT Sustainable Consumer 2022 is a quantitative research and foresight report from Above The Clouds Future Series about consumers in Sweden. It provides you with tools to thrive in a time of transition, outlining areas where the consumers hearts and anxieties are, describing three consumer profiles you need to be talking to, and how to speak with them.


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This report is based on quantitative and qualitative research from Above The Clouds Future Series about the NXT Sustainable Consumer.

As a change forecaster, Above The Clouds guides you through this shifting landscape by providing expert consumer insight and actionable advise.


With the NXT Sustainable Consumer Report you will find tools and insights to power up your 2022 brand strategies through Sustainability and Eco-Decisions.​

What you find in The NXT Sustainable Consumer Report 2022

  1. Insights:

    • The Sustainable Consumer Readiness Curve

  2. Drivers:

    • Sustainability, Status and Anxiety 

  3. Future:

    • Gen-Z The Eco-Sexual Generation?

  4. Future:

    • Brand Activism is here to stay

  5. Opportunities:

    • My Sustainability dream brand 

  6. Opportunities:

    • Deep dive, Three Consumer Profiles

    • Dedicate Pioneers

    • Anxious Activists 

    • Eco-Swingers

From Insights To Activations

Climate neutral, sustainable, eco-friendly, and responsible - terms that have become very popular in recent years by marketers, and rightly so, since issues such as climate change, systematic failure in production, water pollution or scarcity of natural resources are becoming more and more palpable. However, concerned citizens and consumers expect brands to be part of the solution. But the increased sustainability communication makes the consumer feel confused and they call for a new language and for brands to scrutinise their sustainability claims and branding.  

During the crisis the shift towards making more environmentally friendly, sustainable, or ethical purchases has accelerated, and consumers have made a green leap as individuals to adopt the ideas of sustainability. The Swedish consumers are moving from (7%) Sustainability Zombies and (13%) Spectators to (37%) Eco-Swingers, (36%) Anxious Doers and (7%) Dedicated Pioneers.


This movement means that 8 out of 10 consumers identifies themselves as being a person where sustainability is part of their self-conception and in different ways trigger positively on sustainability initiatives.

The NXT Sustainable Consumer Report 2022

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The Sustainable Consumer Readiness Curve

Sustainability as a trustworthy one-solution label, where the word has a universal meaning and getting decoded the same way regardless of the consumer, has long been co-opted.


The meaning of sustainability are increasingly granular to the Swedish consumer that examining how their behaviours affect the planet and evaluating their relationships with brands and communication.

Our purpose with creating the Sustainable Consumer Readiness Curve is to create a better understanding for how ready consumers are with sustainability as a life-concept, why and how consumers do or do not incorporate sustainability issues into their consumption pattern, what influence them and what messaging trigger to a more sustainable lifestyle.


The Readiness Curve is presented more in-depth through our consumer profiles in the report.

Fredrik Ekstrom Above The Clouds
Fredrik Ekstrom Above The Clouds

There are no shortcuts to perform a successful sustainability brand transformation, they never happen with a single marketing campaign. There is only a roadmap of strategic, creative, and actionable brand decisions that, if executed consistently, put a brand on the path to both sustainability and cultural status, consumer excitement, and business success.


Fredrik Ekström

Scrutinise your sustainability claims 

During the last year we as consumers have faced an overload of sustainability related communication from brands. Creating a world where sustainability as a trustworthy one solution label has been challenged. Marketers and brand strategists use it to push everything from fast fashion to fast food campaigns, while greenwashing brands still operate unchecked. In short, the term “Sustainability” has lost a bit of its glory purpose and the consumer feel anxious. The anxiety is not only for wellbeing of the planet, it’s also for how it will reflect on their image if they make the wrong choices.

Fredrik Ekstrom Above The Clouds

Power up brand strategies through sustainability and eco-decisions 

The decisions we make now have the power to rebuild and reshape brands long after the influence of the pandemic. One key action is to integrate sustainability within all business functions and find new opportunities to create value for the consumer, employees, and investors. Sustainability is quickly finding its way to the strategic board rooms and is no longer viewed upon as a feel-good project..


As a change forecaster, Above The Clouds guides you through this shifting landscape by providing expert consumer insight and actionable advise.

​My forward-looking reports and trend workshops are designed to inspire you and your team with the insights and strategic thinking required to bring your strategy and future direction to life. 

Fredrik Ekstrom Above The Clouds

Fredrik Ekström

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