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Senior PR Strategist

Mobile Experiences -
Samsung Nordic MX

As the in-house Senior PR Strategist and PR Manager at Samsung Nordic MX, I played a crucial role in shaping the Mobile Experiences PR team. Operating within the MX-Marketing Division Nordics, I led strategic initiatives and contributed to the team's transformative journey.

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In the role of Senior PR-Strategist and PR-Manager, I advised and managed strategic PR activities for Samsung Nordic's Mobile Experience Team. This involved directing a Nordic Way of working transformation within the MX-PR team, influencing our presence in the MX-Marketing Division Nordics and contributing to the evolution of Samsung's Mobile Experiences PR-reach in the region.

Professional Overview

In my capacity as the In-House Senior PR Strategist and PR Manager for the Nordic Markets at Samsung MX-Nordic, I led integral aspects of a transformative journey within the MX-PR team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Developed and implemented a strategic framework, shaping an effective and cohesive way of working.

  • Formulated a comprehensive Go-To-Market road map to guide strategic initiatives.

  • Orchestrated the planning and execution of Nordic PR Summits to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

  • Conceptualized and activated strategic initiatives to enhance brand visibility and resonance.

  • Oversaw and managed the Nordic PR budget, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

  • Led the establishment and maintenance of a Nordic PR agency network, aligning their efforts with strategic objectives.

  • Pioneered a visual revamp of the in-house team structure to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Spearheaded the recruitment process for new in-house team members, ensuring a diverse and skilled team.

  • Facilitated the onboarding process for new PR agencies, fostering seamless collaboration.

  • Managed day-to-day PR activities, ensuring alignment with overarching strategic goals.

  • Steered the Nordic PR agency network, conducting briefings, summits, evaluations, and providing strategic direction for four agencies.

This role demanded a dynamic approach, balancing strategic leadership, team management, and operational excellence to propel Samsung MX-Nordic's PR endeavors to new heights.


Strategic and creative lead for nordic PR-concept development.

Samsung NFT Above The Clouds

Established OtherLands a future focused Blockchain concept to bridge lifestyle and tech. 

For the first time of its kind, an NFT art festival is being arranged in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland at the same time, initiated by Samsung Nordic. A festival that celebrates the creative and contrast-rich meeting that arises between art, fashion, music, technology and innovation when they meet through the aesthetic and absurdity that symbolizes NFT’s and blockchain technology.

Galaxy Test Trips

Established Galaxy Test trips a unique product test concept to attract lifestyle media to test tech products and write reviews. 

The concept was created with the objective to attract sport & lifestyle journalists from the nordic countries to test Samsungs new Watch5Pro. The watch is a genuinely good smart sports-watch, but to engage sport-lifestyle journalists the test needed to be authentic and extreme, they needed to genuinely learn something new and it should be a test they would remember and talk about with their friends. 


The Power of 5

Initiated the partnership with Marathon Gruppen and the Stockholm Half Marathon. 

The Power of 5 concept was created by JUNG as Nordic Lead PR agency for Samsung Nordic.  


The partnership was based on a Samsung invitational to nordic journalists and bloggers. They were invited to test five unique running data-features in Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 pro.     

In-house and/or interim manager 

I have some 20+ years of experience, working with brands, insights, and activations, both from agencies like PrimePR/UnitedMINDS and the brand side – including 6 years as Head of Marketing and Creative Director at Tretorn.

At Above The Clouds, I offer a freelance consulting service that allows you to leverage my in-depth expertise across a range of specialty areas, without having to increase your permanent staff or contract a full-size agency. 

Fredrik Ekstrom Samsung Above The Clouds

Fredrik Ekström

+46 (0) 72 729 46 32

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