Eco-Essentials Initiative

The Eco Essentials Initiative was created as a strategic brand concept to future proof with new and innovative strategies for branding and sustainability. The concept should challenge to inspire and act as a role model within sustainable innovation. 

The Eco Essentials Initiative

Portfolio work from Tretorn, as head of marketing and creative director 

Case: Consumer insights, Sustainability Strategy, Brand development, Concept to Consumer Strategy, New Product Development, International Collaborations and Activations

Result: New Eco Brand Position, Over 50% of all products being made in the initiative 2020, a distinct new purpose, new categories and product development. A new brand voice.   

The Eco-Essentials Initiative was created as a hands-on activation to power up the Tretorn brand strategy with a meaningful purpose driven initiative.    

The objective was to establish Tretorn as a responsible and trustworthy brand and the insight we had was that we needed to walk the talk and show consumers, customers and stakeholders that we could act as an inspiration and role model. We needed to show that we were leading the way towards sustainable innovation.

The Initiative was created around a manifest and guiding star, integrated throughout the organization, design, marketing, sales and operations. Activated through PR thoughleadership, international collaborations and product development.

My role was creator of the concept, strategic lead for product and category development within eco innovation and sourcing. Spokesperson for sustainability and driving development of new visual identity, brand messaging and activation.  

We have to change how we interact with nature

People’s values are becoming more infused in their shopping habits. Consumers are more environmentally and socially conscious, turning to brands that not only talk about responsibility—but demonstrate it by inviting the consumer to transform with them.  

This was our mantra for change. To guide us in the transformative phase we created a manifesto that stated our approach to sustainability and directed us to start doing stuff. Our belief was that we needed to act rapidly rather than analytical, and that only by doing stuff we could change in the speed we needed.

Our Purpose is to be an inspiration and a role model for how people can interact with nature and create a more environmental conscious process



The SAREK Eco Collection was created as "the cleanest line" and was a tool to strengthen Tretorn within responsible outdoor. My role in SAREK was to outline direction of concept, planing of product mix and story, establish visual identity and GoTo Market strategy.    

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A different approach to creating sneakers, using a new methods of manufacturing.

One of the first mayor steps was to transform the sneakers production towards becoming more eco friendly. 


My role was to set up a sneaker production with factories that focused on sustainability, find suppliers that sourced sustainable fabrics, like LITE leather, recycled fishing nets, recycled rubber insoles, natural rubber outsoles, bloom foam and algea based materials etc.

Created look books, new visual identity and eco stories, established international collaboration with Nigel Cabourn and SEA LIFE Trust. And created the Tretorn Heritage line that brough back key pieces from the 120 year long sneaker heriatge.   



Our Go-To-Market strategy was based on "doing stuff" and we established a way of working with international collaborations. 

My role was to identify collaborators, initiate partnership, conceptualise projects and activate marketing and sales. 


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