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Sustainability Strategy, Concept and Activation

The Eco Essentials Initiative

Portfolio work from Tretorn, as head of marketing and creative director 

Case: Consumer insights, Sustainability Strategy, Brand development, Concept to Consumer Strategy, New Product Development, International Collaborations and Activations

Result: New Eco Brand Position, Over 50% of all products being made in the initiative 2020, a distinct new purpose, new categories and product development. A new brand voice.   

The Eco Essentials Initiative was created as a strategic brand concept in 2016. It was a project that I created and directed as a member in the executive management team and creative director.  

The big idea came from the work we did with repositioning Tretorn as a way to future proof the relevance of the brand and breathe new life into the Tretorn brand purpose. We had a strong belief, that businesses need to change how they interact with nature or nature will no longer interact back. We felt that we needed to future proof our business with new and innovative strategies for branding and sustainability. And the concept should challenge us to inspire and act as a role model.   



The Future of Innovation Is Sustainable Innovation 

My role in creating the Eco Essentials Initiative was as founder of the conceptual big idea, create the name Eco Essentials and the strategy for taking it to market through creative collaborations and PR. Responsible for being a spokesperson for the initiative and sustainability issues for the brand in general. Heading the development of Eco Sneakers, Directed the development and story around the SAREK Apparel Collection and helping with sourcing fabric that had a string communicative story.      

We have to change how we interact with nature

People’s values are becoming more infused in their shopping habits. Consumers are more environmentally and socially conscious, turning to brands that not only talk about responsibility—but demonstrate it by inviting the consumer to transform with them.  

This was our mantra for change. To guide us in the transformative phase we created a manifesto that stated our approach to sustainability and directed us to start doing stuff. Our belief was that we needed to act rapidly rather than analytical, and that only by doing stuff we could change in the speed we needed.

My role in this phase was to create the strategic manifesto and guiding eco statements and implement the thinking by clinics.

Our Purpose

is to be an inspiration and a role model

for how people can interact with nature

and create a more environmental conscious process



We need to collaborate rather than compete

To successfully launch the initiative, we needed to bring the stories alive and catch the momentum of transformation. We adopted a collaborative approach and reached out to retailers, designers and brands that shared our belief.

This short circle development with collaborations gave us time to work with our own product transformation without the stress of having to push products to the market thru normal sales cycles.

My role in international collaborations was to initiate the connections, create the conceptual stories, design briefing from a consumer perspective and Go-To market strategies.      


Eco - Sneakers

We wanted to start transformation through sneakers. It is one of the least evolved lifestyle sectors in regard to sustainability and it is a highly consumer engaging category. We decided to make a full switch in production and made a new set up with factories and sourcing techniques to meet our initiative standards.

My role was to head the sneaker development through assortment strategy, design briefing and factory set up. Go-to market strategy and collaborations such as Nigel Cabourn and SEA LIFE Trust. 

ocean net.jpg

Rain Proof Ocean Net Sneakers - the next generation of Eco Sneakers.

We combine the Tretorn heritage in weather protection with the future of sustainable innovation and changed the regular canvases to regenerated nylon from recycled fishing nets. Launched as co-lab with SEA LIFE Trust



“The Sarek collection is sprung from the passion of finding a sustainable outdoor lifestyle, the love of the river and the surrounding mountains, and our hope that it forever remains wild” 

Fredrik Ekström

For the SAREK apparel collection i was responsible for conceptual idea, design brief and assortment plan, GoTo-market strategy and creating the new visual look for the collection.