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The NXT Nordic Outdoor Consumer Report 2024

The NXT Nordic Outdoor Consumer 2024 is a consumer research and trend report, based on quantitative data from a national representative base of 2500 respondents in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and interviews of 27 representatives from outdoor brands and stakeholders.

With Above The Clouds - Future Series NXT Nordic Outdoor Consumer Report we aim to create an insights driven platform where we focus on real consumer insights, what they feel, think, and aspire to. Create a deeper, more long-lasting, understanding for what is driving change within sustainability, the behavioural and attitudinal trends shaping outdoor culture and health, and the underlying drivers, influencing social and commercial life. 

Order your report for €1400. 

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As a change forecaster,
Above The Clouds guides you through a shifting outdoor consumer landscape, by providing expert consumer insights and actionable advise.


What you find in the report

  • The Sustainability Readiness Index

  • Three Green Consumer archetypes

  • Status and Anxieties in Sustainability

  • My Sustainable Dream Brand

  • To Serve and Protect  

  • Will The Outdoor Consumer Shop On Values

  • Why We Go Outside

  • Soft Adventures

  • From Fandom to Fundom

  • Mental Athletics

  • #Trailfulness

  • The Fluid (gorp and quiet) Outdoor

  • The New Outdoor

  • The New Creative Collectives


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Consumer expectations are rising and values are changing. Sustainability regulations are trying to keep up. Technology are evolving at a rapid pace, creating new opportunities and challenges. Market fragmentation is everywhere. But even in the midst of so much change, one truth remains - the best brands understand their customers, how to engage and amuse them while still deliver value.

Strategic foresight is the most valuable tool you can adopt to identify and chart a course for future sustainable growth and long-term prosperity. Order your report for €1400. 


The Future is Closer Than You Think ...

I offer a freelance consultant service where you as client get the benefits of in-depth expertise across a number of specialty areas, without having to increase your permanent staff or contract a full size agency.

Trends 2024 Above The Clouds

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